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Thrylos (θρύλος), legend

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We believe in the power of telling stories

Thrylos Media was founded with one goal in mind: Create a more impactful and cost effective solution for promoting entertainment.

We believe that stories have the power to unite, lift up, and inspire. They can bring together millions, all united in their common connection to the media they share. That's why we developed a new system for introducing stories with the maximum possible impact.

Through presenting media clips via short form video, we can harness the benefits of social algorithms while providing a genuinely enjoyable experience to viewers, who are even more likely to take action and go see the whole story.

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How we do it

Create a creative base with viral potential

We work with your team to choose key scenes with a self-contained, rewarding narrative to design a media package with viral potential that can be sent out to influencers.

Manage a mass influencer campaign

We handle creator onboarding, management, scheduling, correspondence, escrow, and payment, so all you have to do is select creators that fit your vision from our easy to use management interface.

Track in-depth analytics and performance data

See live performance metrics throughout the duration of your campaign, with simple visualization from our campaign management panel. Plus, receive detailed demographic data as well a finalized impression estimate once the campaign concludes.

Achieve viral results for a fraction of the cost

By utilizing mass creator partnerships at scale and taking advantage of the existing reach of movie-focused accounts, we are able to efficiently promote media to millions of consumers across the world.

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Let’s discuss how we can lower your social marketing spend by more than 5x while increasing actionability and viewer engagement.

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